Monday, March 23, 2009

Because I have not lost my mind...yet?

Truly I have to wonder at my mental facilities at times. It was not that long ago and certainly not far away that I voiced my opinion of knitting with pins and thread. At the time, I was speaking of 2.5mm needles and fingering or lace weight yarns.

My opinion was due more towards my feelings towards DPN's. I just can't use those things. No matter where I put my fingers I get stabbed in the palm, and my tension goes to shite when moving from one needle to the other. Then, I discovered the art of knitting on 2 circulars and suddenly I am buying sock yarn at an alarming rate.

But today I have taken a HUMONGOUS step size that is.

This is an actual pattern knit on 1mm needles using DMC cotton floss....yes FLOSS!

My new co-worker is a miniaturist, meaning that she is obsessed with all things tiny. 1:12 to be exact. She brought in some of her work and all these cool workshops she teaches and from the depths of her bag she emerges with a small box filled with tissue wrapped treasures. Inside were little knitted hats. She is nuts about them and of course I had to have a good look at them. Really, I was impressed that someone went to all that work.

I did some research on it and found all sorts of creations, knitted toys, lace bed covers, even bean bag chairs. So I asked her to pick me up a set of needles and pick a pattern and I would make it for her. I really just wanted to try it.

So far it has not been as painful as I expected. Yes, it's tedious and I have to be careful not to drop any stitches because it's not easy to pick them up, but I'm having fun. I even decided to run a cable up the front of the sweater for some added detail.

I reserve the right to need new glasses and a lobotomy by the time I'm done *BG*

~Daughter #1


Susan said...

Lace bed cover???? I will make her one of those. Sounds like fun. I use those needles for bead knitting. What is your tension? Are you knitting with all 6 strands? Can't wait to see the sweater.

FeyRhi said...

It's cotton foss so it's a 2ply twist. I was afraid that I would get bored so I added a cable up the middle, just for fun. I have no clue what my tension is LOL I'll measure it and see. NO, I didn't swatch before I stared.

Susan said...

Ahhhh, It must be perle cotton. I was thinking embroidery floss.

Susan (the one in Oz) said...

Um, yes you have lost your mind :-). The needles just look like thin wire!

FeyRhi said...

They are very thin! While I am finding this interesting at the moment, I am fairly certain I won't be doing it again. LOL