Thursday, March 19, 2009

One of my Favourite things...

My children will be the first tell you of my obsession with ziploc bags. Well, I have to share this bit of wonderful. Ziploc Produce bags have eeny teeny holes. So, you ask? I will enlighten thussly.
Natural fibres do not like plastic bags because they can not breathe. Ergo : produce bags
In the summer they won't sweat and the holes are teeny enough dirt doesn't get in. I wouldn't trust moths against anything except cedar and I am not strapping the cedar chest to my back. I have little cedar balls... :o) ...snicker
I keep my projects ready at hand each with all their "accouterments" at a moments notice I can grab a bag and go. The air whooshes out so I can stuff this into my knitting bag along with my lunch, books, mittens etc etc.
In the interest of bilingualism ( which sorely I am not) I am showing both sides of the box. This is Canada after all. Yes, Corinne that is the toe of your to follow on these puppies.
One more row!!! and cast off with the little hook at the side. Then I will block it tonight. I am woman hear me roar!

We had a visitor this morning. Ebony had a coniption fit.. hissy and spitty and yeowling. Poor little boy just wanted to say hello. He looked very healthy and was wearing a collar.

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