Monday, March 9, 2009

My contribution to the Roulette

Mum and I used the same pattern for our socks. Mine were made out of TOFUtsies. I really like the feel of this yarn and am going to have to make a pair for myself.
This one is on it's way to Karen in Massachusetts. I tucked a few pineapple and pomegranate tea lights in there as well. I'm a complete candle addict and love the way these ones smell.

I've had a wee case of startitus lately and have been knitting my fingers to the bone. At the very least I should have a bit more to contribute around here. It seems as though my hat addiction has passed for the moment. The weather took a bit of an upwards swing and the rain has melted most of the snow away. My focus has switched to sweaters again LOL. Must be because this damp cold is making me feel chilled. Got a lovely gift card to my LYS for my birthday and I treated myself to my favouite yarn. More on that later, I'm over half way done something very interesting. ;o)

~Daughter #1


Julie said...

Ooooh, pretty.

I hope I get something that pretty...

Knitman said...

Very nice. I have one pair in tofutsies and I love them. Their colour range is somewhat limited though.

FeyRhi said...

Thank you both I was very happy with it as well. Happy enough that it was an effort to get it in the pack and mailed off before I changed my mind.

I wish there were more Tofutsies colours. It looks like they have brought out a couple new self striping ones. I'll have to give them a try before deciding it I like them.