Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well I did it. Knit, washed and blocked by 11:30 PM today. Tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox and as this was the "Vernal Equinox shawl" I had to be finished on time. I tweaked the pins more after I took the pictures. I have 4 ends to weave in. I only used 2 skeins and I bought 5 ...lolol I'll take the other three back for another colour.
Thank heavens I have this spare bed to block my knitting on.
3.5mm needle
2 skeins Misti Alpaca Lace (400M/50gm) 100% baby alpaca
Free pattern Vernal Equinox Shawl scan through the blog there are English instructions there also


Päivi, Lankakomero said...

Your shawl looks gorgeous, so beautiful!

FeyRhi said...

Great job mum. It's beautiful. Bring it with you tomorrow ok?


Susan said...

Thank you Paivi, your pattern was very enjoyable to knit. I am going to make another one for a dear friend.