Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sock Roulette fini

Off in the mail tomorrow after work!.....the colour is off and I took this with natural light. Purple is very hard to capture.


Knitman said...

They are really rather pretty. Purple is one of my favourite colours. Your writing is still very small!

Susan said...

Hmmmmmmm???? I will make it larger thanks Colin.
The wool is Arequipa and was very nice to knit. This sock is going to Oaklahoma City OK and my sock + yarn is coming from Wisconsin. That way we skip "second sock" syndrome. It really is a lovely purple heather. I don't know why it won't photo right. The pattern is a free ravelry download. check my "projects" the link is there.

Susan said...

I was rather hoping to read that your sock was coming to Melbourne, OZ, but alas not to be :-). Such a shame because I do love the sock (and purple). I'll have to look up the pattern. I don't know where my sock is coming from but mine is going to Julie (eeek).Thank you for the welcome Susan :-).