Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wrap and turn

Who says you can't learn something new. I don't know where my head has been all these years. I got the wrap and turn part but on the way back I would pick up the wrap and either knit or purl it with the stitch and then slip the first stitch of the next row. Well, hello I aways complained about that the little hole.
Today I looked at a tutorial and low and behold she said to wrap the next stitch after the pick up stitch. Which means you have 2 wraps when you come back. The tricky part is picking up both the wraps on a purl row. I pick up the wraps first then purl the stitch that way I don't have a "bar" showing. Which means practically standing on my head to get that needle under those wraps.
Is this totally confusing or was I the only person who did this wrong?


FeyRhi said...

Not sure if I am understanding it correctly. I did do a pattn where you ended up with a double wrap like you mentioned and it drove me nuts. If memory serves, last time I did short-rowing...I picked up the wrap stitch and knit/purl with the stitch. Then when I turned the work I slipped the stitch and continued on. It cured the little hole and then I did't have to deal with the double wrap. Hope this makes sense because it's hard to describe without a piece of knitting in my hand.

Granny's Girls said...

I think I watched this on a VHS with Meg Swansen. It was applied on a yoke sweater. Homework!
P.S. Luv the wool.
~Daughter #2