Monday, March 31, 2008

Birthday Time

Yes, I am thirty two. It is time to show you what I have scooped.
Future projects that will be started soon.

#1 Wool for A mobius basket from my mom. Colours match decor, and new technique will be a notch on the belt. I plan to buy ivy for displaying.

#2 Silk fingerless gloves from my sister. I will find useful for those days in spring when the breeze bites the backs of hands. Very fashonable with the youngins.

#3 Lots of retro velour from my sister-in-law. I plan to use for a shady hamock shawl. Perfect for those sunburn lazy days. I will have to find a book report.

~Daughter #2

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Hannahknits said...

Lucky girl! nice stuff. can't wait to read your book report on your B day gift from Mummy!! ((hugs))