Monday, March 10, 2008

Double Knitting and I don't mean the yarn!

Other daughter, Julia, who we have to get on here one day, kindly faxed an old pattern, from the Knitters mag circa 1989, for the Pachedyrm Parade blanket. In lieu of going anywhere to take a class, too poor and no time, sucks to be me, I figured it is time I taught myself something new. It's the whole fair isle thing, which I love, but with a twist everything comes out jaquard. It is possible to make reversible sweaters. I see possibilities here.

Google Web isn't a lot of help. I found one tutorial but it didn't satisfy me. I did find a lot more info on Google Images ..still..not great.Sooo guess I will just do it my self. I remembered this pattern that Anne Featonby had given me a copy of, years ago, and thought it would be a good way to learn. I have a whack of Canadiana yarn in my stash just crying out to be used up. Of course once the Alberta Lace Weight, gets here I may digress.

Speaking of my stash..Ahemmm.. I foolishly (??) gathered in all in one place. A cedar chest. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Who knew there was so much. Nuts! and the Downtown Collective has the Knitter' Frolic in April. I still haven't blocked the poncho I knit from last year...or was it the year before? I need some time off work to finish up some of these projects. Now where are all those T pins I know I had a couple of hundred of them once?

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