Sunday, March 2, 2008

I am so offended......

Yesterday, I went to a wool shop that has been, up till now, my favourite. I was there to pick up a gift for my daughter and to ask a technical question. Now, I have worked in retail in various positions since I was 16 plus the fact that my parents taught me to be courteous. I asked the owner this question, "Do you have any cob web lace weight wool that I could compare to 2 ply lace weight?"
She looked at me like I had grown a horn in the middle of my forehead, flicked her hand in my face, tossed her head, laughed and said,
"There is no such thing."

I stood there in shock and said politely, "It is used for knitting Shetland Shawls." She said, in a deprecatory voice,"I have been knitting for 35 years I would know if there was any yarn of a "cob web" weight. It is not a recognized weight." I countered with, "Well, I have been knitting for 50 years and yes there is and you obviously don't have it." Then she contradicted herself by saying, "Oh, that's a yarn Jameison Smith came up with and if it was a recognized weight Habu would have it." ( who the hell is Habu)
My mother always said,"Don't lower yourself to other's standards" so, I let it go and frankly if I could have bought my daughter's gift anywhere else I would have done so.
I did not go in there with the intention of having a confrontation and to continue the discussion would have been futile. To compound the situation she spoke to me in that manner in front of another customer. Very unprofessional. In future I choose to take my business else where. How nice for her that she can afford to offend a good customer like me.


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