Monday, March 31, 2008

Unravelling thoughts

There is only one solution for knitting trauma...aka the lumpy mitt thing, and that is to go shopping. I had heard of this store in another town so on Saturday I ventured forth in the sunshine to "check it out". Well, it was a bit of a hole in the wall but the lady was very nice and we had a chat. A lot of the stock was mill ends and I did find a bag with about 2500 yds. of 90%wool 10% angora, lace weight for $8.00!! She had cones of the stuff. all the same colour a medium aqua. Hmmmm Now I have to come up with something to do with it. Oh and I got 2 ginormous cones of white #10 crochet cotton. I have ordered my self Marianne Kinzel's 2 books on lace knitting. I had them once but lord knows where they went. I want to knit a tea cloth for my circular table. I had intended to buy #20 but all she had was #10 and all that for $10.00. so I will just use a 3mm needle. Tension is not a criteria with a tea cloth.

The Celtic stole is finished! Well, the body of it anyway and I have picked up all the stitches all the way around and will now start to knit the border watch the bar for progress. No sense in showing a picture at this stage it just looks like a big pile of "wrinkle."

The new Vogue knitting is out with the sweetest little sweater on the front. I am going to check my stash I think I have some bamboo that is aran weight..maybe not. Why oh why do they knit these things with aran? What is wrong with dk? .....I just checked the bamboo yarn it says 4.5 to a 5 mm needle but they say 27 stitches. Nuts whatever that is. Then I found some Punto that is lime green and white, not sure it it will be too busy but I will throw on a swatch. The picture doesn't do the yarn justice.
Monday morning calls I had better shift myself.

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