Sunday, March 16, 2008

Now that's a swatch!

If one must swatch then you might as well get them all done at once. Although I think I may need to do more ribbing to get a proper count.

I think there is enough of Madil Yarns Denim in my stash to do the whole thing. This stuff is a Cotton/Acrylic blend that feels like a t-shirt. It should wash well too.

With the amount of planning and math I'm going to have to do for this one, he will wear the finished product whether he likes it or not. LOL

I did have a thought while working on this monstrosity of a swatch. Wouldn't this make a cool pair of knee socks?



Myfanwy said...

Now, Mommy knows how much YOU like skulls but will my conservative son in law be happy with a pirate sweater??? He did tell me he is very fussy about what he wears....and I know he loves you....just a thought. By the way you are right your swatch looks like knee socks.
Sidebar: I am in a moral dilemma. I should go to Curves after work BUT 1. It is payday 2. I have 3 days off work 3. I am not sure about the lace weight I bought for my next shawl 4. London Yarns has some gorgeous Merino lace weight...
goes without saying it costs the earth 5. No I can not wait until the end of April for the Creative what do I do?
Be responsible adult and sweat it out OR feed my insatiable craving.

FeyRhi said...

*snort* why are you asking me? I say get down to the yarn shop and get the yearn, You can get more at the end of April if you really like knitting with it *G*