Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Row 395

I had better get knitting on this Celtic Shawl. I still have to knit the border all the way around. Hmm... that seemed like a good idea in the beginning.
Received an email from Laura today. My Alberta Shetland Lace Weight is in the mail. Woo Hoo!.. I am so jealous, she is off to FibreFest –
This is where I found my next project:
Gladys Amedro's book, Lace Knitting is now out of print. It is a treasure of authentic Shetland Lace work. However the patterns are written out stitch for stitch. I created some graph paper on excel and have been busy transforming the pattern into symbols right on the computer. So easy to do. Then with my trusty post notes and high lighters I will be on my way! Here are my graphs for the Celtic Shawl


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