Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lumpy Knitting...

I hate lumpy knitting. I like smooth stitches all lined up in perfect little rows.
GRrr I am knitting mitts in 2 colours on 4 needles and I have lumps. Damn. I have taken them out umpteen times. I know, I know they are just mitts and she will probably loose one anyway. {Unless I put them on an idiot string.} At this rate I may only knit the one and she can put her other hand in her pocket. Now there is an idea! Crap and I spent a fortune on the Alpaca yarn too....... Weeping and wailing........ They don't look too bad from across the room....I wonder how long her arms are????? Maybe if they are far away she won't notice. Ah shoot, I may as well knit the other one but now I am afraid I will run out of yarn cause I started them 3 times and wasted a bunch of yardage. Oh if I have to buy 2 more balls to finish them I will really be cranky.
I am not having a ZEN moment over these mitts.
The yarn, Misti Alpaca, is very nice to knit with though. Very soft and cosy.

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