Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moving right along!

The pneumonia vest are finished. The yarn was from my late Auntie Sandra. She saved every ball left from what she had worked on. I have about a hundred. I am sure she would like the fact that it has gone to needy children for warmth.

The yolk sweater has been a learning curve. The pattern had to be increased by four repeats. Yet the yolk is too small from the neck to the under arm, so I am adding another row of snow flakes. I finished the body and the arm to long. That means I have to go back and pick up stitches and snip, unravel, then graft back together. All goes right you will never see it. This is the second attempt at a yolk sweater for hubby. The first one is going to his son. Christmas has come and gone and the present still lingers.

Just because she is the best school horse. Goldie she taught 7 year old kids how to ride and on the weekend she took me around Checkmate Horse Trials we placed third. When cross country was done I threw a red and black crochet cooler on her. Thanks

~Daughter #2

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Hannahknits said...

Great job on the pneumonia vests Jules, Granny will be pleased !
I remember Goldie. Nice picture of the two of you!