Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Why can't you just make me the same one again?"

The title was uttered by my husband when I asked him about patterns. It's been over a year since I made (started) a sweater for him. Apparently the Steelers blanky doesn't count.

His favourite sweater of all time is a blue and cream fair-isle I made a VERY long time ago. It is a drop shoulder with fair isleing along the shoulders and around the top of each sleeve. It did turn out gorgeous if I do say myself.

He wants me to make him the exact thing again, just in a different colour if I want. **rolling eyes** BORING!!

I found a pattern that he thought was OK but then I suggested a couple changes and he has Agreed!! WooHoo....of course this means I have to create the pattern myself.


Let me clarify that I happen to think skulls are the coolest clothing accessory ever LOL I'm the only mummy at my girl's school who has black runners with little white skulls over them.

So here is the inspiration for Chris' sweater:

Pub Crawler by Debbie Stoller from her book "Son of a Stitch'n Bitch".
This pattern is made out of aran, but hubby wants double knit...ok so we will have to start with a swatch.

Instead of the simple cable running up the sweater I will be working this ultra cool skull motif. The swatch shown is in bulky and mine will be in DK.... *sigh* another swatch.

The fair isle skulls here will be a replacement pattern for the arm band. Another pattern from "Son of a Stitch'n Bitch"

There is another really cool pattern I have found on Ravelry. I haven't decided which I'm going to use. All depends on the *sigh* swatch.

I don't want to do this in typical black and white. Mainly because I have been avoiding making him a black Steelers sweater by saying black is a bitch to knit with. (ssshhhhh) Also he will want to wear this to work, so I'm thinking a nice gray and cream. enough to make out the pattern but keep it subtle enough that he doesn't look like a 36 yr old trying to act like an eighteen year old.

Wish me luck. Any suggestions on yarn?


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