Sunday, March 9, 2008

With a view like this what else can I do?

This is what my front yard looks like this morning. UGH! Makes me want to curl up in a cozy sweater and knit.

I, the same as many of us, am plagued with the curse of the single ball. You know, when buy enough yarn to make a sweater, but not wanting to run out of that dye lot you get an extra one just in case. Which usually you don't need. So it sits in the bottom of you stash supporting the new stuff.

Every once in a while I come across a pattern that I like and allows me to dig down to the bottom of my stash.

Today I get to use my last ball of Sirdar Denim Aran. I love this yarn and it's DK equivalent. This colour is called Starling and is left over from a sweater I made my husband a few years ago. It's one of my favourite sweaters of his and I've been known to steal it on occasion.

What I am going to make is a neck warmer for myself. Something that I can shove in my pocket or purse instead of deaing with the bulk of the long scarves I seem to gravitate to. It's called Tudora and has a very Elizabethian look to it.

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon project, and a jolt of instant gratification, and I get to use up a single.


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Hannahknits said...

Buggar it, I have screwed up the links on the "I heart wool" and the "Knitting Fan", can you go in and fix them, pls? I had a lovely read on the Tudora designer blog. Good girl getting to finish up an "odd" ball. Are you heading "north" today? Take care,
Love Mum