Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Time Off Work...

I am going to take a week off work. Woo Hoo. I have great expectations of accomplishing a wonderful amount of knitting. Hence the plethora of knitting bars for me.* Smile
I am happy with the swatching of the Punto for the Vogue sweater and I think it will make up very quickly. I find it is nice to have a little cardi when the air conditioning kicks in. It is hard to believe that will ever happen I have been cold all winter. "Shoemakers kids Syndrome"... I work for a heating and cooling company!......

As I may have mentioned before I ordered the Marianne Kinzel books from Chapters.

In the meantime I have borrowed one from the local library and I am trying to decide which tablecloth to start. The cotton I bought from the "mill ends" shop seems to be much finer than I originally thought and I think it will do very nicely on a 2.5 mm needle. I think I am going to make the "Balmoral" Dinner Cloth from book #2I do love thistles...except in the garden! I have also added bars for my mother's birthday gift. Which shall remain a mystery project until completion, just in case she gets a chance to read in here. I don't want to spoil the surprise ((Hugs)) to Granny Ann

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