Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mother/daughter day in Toronto

Yesterday was terrific. The darling daughters started the day by having a giggle when I asked for "two adults and one senior"at the ticket window.
"Mom's a Senior" quipped DD #1. Giggling resumed..The ticket seller and I had a discussion on the wisdom of paying for their admission. Giggling abruptly stopped..Cheeky brats.

We had a good look at all the goodies. I took some pictures with my cel phone but didn't know that I had to "save" after every picture...grrr ...Nuts, I lost some great pictures. oh well live and learn.

The shopping commenced. We showd a great deal of financial restraint. DD #2 bought a kit from "Ewe Can Knit" for a jumper with the "Loch Ness" Monster on it. Mummy treated her to a wild hand paint sock yarn from Liza Wool. DD #1 purchased a cross stitch pattern and fabric and threads and a ball of Colinette (Welsh..of course) Jitterbug hand paint sock yarn. I found just the right shade of blue in a cotton/acrylic blend that I needed for Granny Ann's B day present and I splurged on two hanks of hand paint lace weight for a shawl for work for next winter. It is gorgeous. My yarn in on the left, DD#1 in the middle and DD#2's back and right.

We collapsed in the car after about three hours of non stop oggling and DD#2 produced a picnic out of her cooler bag. Pitas, sliced turkey, cheese, dijon mustard, pickles and olives, apples chocolate carmel cookies, a chocolate candy and bottles of water!!!!!! What a treat. Lunch on the dash! All in all this was a wonderful day. We have made a date to get together again for the Waterloo Knitter's Guild show in Kitchener in Sept.



Granny's Girls said...

Geez! Was she standing on her toes? I know your taller then me oola, but not that much taller LOL

I've been having a hard time deciding what I am going to do with my jitter bug. I might just keep it in my stash and play with it every once in a while. *G*

Granny's Girls said...

I was flat foot in my sandels.
Luv Bigger Little Sister!

Myfanwy said...

Now girls,...... I think Corinne was leaning in for a hug.