Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A totally unproductive day!

Day one of my knitting week. I didn't accomplish a darn thing. I had planned on posting a picture of my Daffodil cloth. I was, emphasis on the word was, on row 39....BUT.....the pattern calls for "knit in the back" stitches and a combo of knit 2 tog and SSK, how-some-ever, it looked like shit!
Cotton just is not as flexible as wool and frankly I know am too fussy. The knitters of the Orenburg shawls don't worry about different decreases because once the lace is dressed it doesn't show.
The SSK decreases were zigzagging and finally I had just had it and pulled out the needle. I zipped it back to row 20. Gasp. I know I almost cried.
Then discovered that I had lost my marker for the beginning of the round!
Weeping and wailing and tearing of hair.
I spent the whole day picking up stitches, frogging and counting. Finally I am back on the 16" circular needle. In retro spect it would have been faster to just start over....sigh.
Anyway here we are revisiting row 25:

Today I am going to see Granny Ann. She is at my brother's house at present recuperating. I hate driving that stretch of the 401 it is so boring.....
While we are visiting I am going to work on grafting Mike's sweater back together.

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