Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How times have changed.

With the soaring price of gas and feeling that there’s an ice age at our door step. This mode of transportation is the top of my list. Imagine bundling-up in your favorite woolies to shop at your local farmer’s stand, buying honey and meat, ECT.
This would do our world a lot of good.

I was planning on trying the magic moebius technique, and found that an extra long needle is required. Not having one in my arsenal of tools. The show in Toronto seems promising to grant me with such a thing. Let the magic begin.

Instead I have challenged my self with a Fair Isle vest my mum must have started about 10 years ago. Not finishing it, to be put off for later. My brother on the other hand has been waiting all this time to receive it. Now the vest will be a gift for his daughter being that it’s quite small.

This Traditional Fair Isle book will help me produce this tedious task. It is full of designs, grafted for easy reading. There are chapters on backgrounds as well as the origins of sweaters. Instructions in designing garments for head, body and limb are explained as well there are techniques and use of colour. They also include a needle sizing chart for American, British and Continental.

With the two handed fair isle method ( There is never any twisting of the wool, so the back tends to knit it self across the stitches. Using the left hand was tricky at first, take it slow and the speed will come. You will love the results.

I have picked out a simple vest pattern to finish the top. It has no shaping and very is wide in the shoulders, with a square neck. Easy, so I say now.

~Daughter #2

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