Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fibre surgery on a Sunday afternoon.....

My darling daughters came today. One to pick up her daughters and the other with a knitting crisis. Firstly we had to drag Corinne off the new "toy." "I gotta get me one of these," she said. "Mom, all you need it a bicycle basket to hold your wool." Not a bad idea

Julia loves to knit...and knit...and knit. She got a little carried away with knitting in a circle. Michael's "Christmas" sweater was a trifle longish in the body and the arms. Her Fair Isleing is very good and she was understandably upset that the sweater was too big, not to worry Mummy can fix. Mike put the sweater on and I marked out the amount to be removed. Snip with the scissors............

..........and put the girls to work picking out one row. Bless Elizabeth Zimmerman for her "after thought pocket" tutorial. Corinne kept fussing that the stitches were going to run. Wool doesn't do that. The stitches tend to stick to one another. I even had Mike try the sweater back on with all the live stitches hanging there. No problems.

Here are the pieces ready to be grafted back together. Julia says the center section can be finished off as an ear warmer for an

Pick up the stitches as needed with a double pointed needle and start grafting. No one will ever know it was shortened.

In the middle of all this we had to stop for Birthday cake for my March babies.......37 & 32!! How did that happen??
Everyone has left.....the house is quiet and I am going to "fix" the sweater..repeating to myself "In the back needle stitch as if to purl.... take of... in the back needle stitch as if to knit leave the front needle stitch as if to knit ...take off... in the front needle stitch as if to purl... leave on........"

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