Thursday, April 3, 2008

knit, crochet, knit crochet....crossstitch?

I know I have been quiet around here as of late. Nothing really much to say, Projects are coming along nicely, I have the body of the pashmina sweater finished and almsot one sleeve completed. So of course I had to put it down and pick up something else.

Almost a year has gone by since I started my husband's Steelers afghan, so I thought perhaps I should finish that first. That too is almost finished, if I put my mind to it I should be able to get it done in a couple weeks. Then I can finish my sweater (yeah!)

I really want to cast on the skull sweater and get started on that but I am determined to finish a couple projects first.

Most importantly I know that when I go to the Creative Needle Work show with my mum and sister I'll be stocking up big time.

Look how many times I used the word finished *giggle* It doesn't happen often, I start way more then I ever finish.

~Daughter #1

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Myfanwy said...

The "corner" is looking very impressive! Can't wait to see the "finished" picture