Saturday, January 12, 2008

Who can resist a sale?

So, I popped by my "local" to see what was on sale. I get an e mail every Thursday and I knew most of the Rowan was on sale. Now I am not a "label snob." I am brave enough to say I do not like a lot of the Rowan yarn. I think it is over priced and in some cases very disappointing. I have always liked pure wool and the unspuns are wonderfully soft. Rowan Tapestry is gorgeous yarn and fulfills all my requirements.....including it was on sale for 25%. Then the clever little girl showed be the pattern book. The sweater on the front is a shorty kimono style. The only thing I would do differently is I cord the edge I don't care for the edging they used. So I bought enough of the Tapestry to make that one...then....I saw another basket 50% off. Rowan silk and wool. Yummy, but the yardage sucks, another of my reasons not to buy Rowan at full price, the colour and the texture appealed to me so much I gave in. Add the new Vogue to that and there goes the budget! Sigh.....

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