Friday, January 11, 2008

Fresco Turtleneck

I've started a sweater for my younger daughter using Sirdar's Fresco. She absolutely loves the colour and texture. While I'm not a big fan of knitting 'slubby' stuff, I have to say this knits up easier then I had expected. The slubs are velvety which is giving the sweater a very chenille feel to it. It also has a bit of stretch to it which will make the finished garment very comfy and cozy in the end.

The sweater itself is very basic. I'm actually using an old Paton's Astra book as a guideline. The yarn is so busy I didn't want a fancy pattern, you'd never see it anyways. I couldn't be bothered doing any sort of rib at the bottom thinking it would look too bulky anyways.

I like the way it naturally curls at the beginning and am planning on leaving the cuffs to do the same thing. As you can see I am doing the body in the round and will split off at the arm holes.

My daughter is petite so I'm going to do raglan shaping so it fits her a bit better. Drop shoulder often looks way too big on her. She really wants a turtle neck on this sweater, I'm hoping that she will change her mind by the time I get there. I have a feeling that the sweater will be too warm. What I thought would look cute is if I do a simple neck on it. Then I'll make a matching long thin scarf that she can wrap around her neck.


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