Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I have been noticing this comment more of late. I do not know who coined the term but it is very apt. Could have been when you "rrrippp IT" out...*smile

I am knitting lace after all and the needles seem to so their fair share of leap "frogging" back across the knit rows.

I have lost a stitch some where. The charts appear to be working fine so it must be in the border and although I am a fuss budget I am going to let this one ride.

I had an interesting conversation with youngest daughter on the subject of swatching. It went something like this..."Swatch , I don't swatch. Who needs a pile of victorian hankies anyway." This was followed by a lesson on how to shorten your knitting. Mike's new sweater, according to him is a dress. According to Julia, it is a little long but will keep him warm. I sang the "swatching song" but she just shrugs it off. So using Elizabeth's "after thought pocket" as a guide line she is going to shorten the sweater.

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