Friday, January 18, 2008

So Much to Knit....

Work is progressing on the second pneumonia prevention vest. I have passed the neck shaping so it is down hill from here. The second one went much faster than the first. See my blog if you are looking for the pattern. A little charity knitting is good for the soul! Ryleigh's Ice Cream Sweater is coming along well also. I have passed the arm hole decrease. There is an excellent article in the Interweave Knits magazine this month on PERFECT set in sleeves. I am using the formula for this sweater. Because this is an all rib sweater, I have deliberately made it longer. As she fills out it will become shorter. I am enjoying working with the pastels for now.
NOW, because I am such a superior human being I decided that although I blew the budjet on Saturday what could hurt if I got some of this Malabrigo Lace Weight??? I mean what if they never get it in again???? What of I never see this lovely rose colour again????? sooo, I justified the purchase of 4 hanks. One of which I have already wound. Now I have to tell you I am known for winding very soft balls of yarn. Never wind tightly, you stretch the yarn and it is ruined because as soon as you wash it it has a memory and will go back to its normal you know why it appears your wool knitting has shurnk...ha. This yarn is so fine that even my ball of yarn ended up being 3.75 inches in diameter and this yarn has approx 470 yards to 50gms. I am going to swatch up some of it and will let you know what size needle I end up with. I want to do one of Elizabeth's Pi Shawls. I will probably put a fairly fancy border on it though. It will look nice when I am in a government run nursing home when I am old because I have no that's a little too close to the truth.

As you may have noticed I knit almost everything with a circular needle. 'Cept socks. I like the little short bamboo ones for that. I tried using the circulars to knit socks or mitts, yuck. It didn't turn my crank.

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