Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I have yet to finish one, before I start another

As any true knitting junkie knows it is almost impossible to finish one project before starting another. I raise my needles to those who can because I an just not one of them.

I only have one more sleeve to do on the Fresco sweater and it's done so might as well start planning out my next project.

Last night as I was digging through one my stashes I came across 9 balls of Novita Caribic. Did you know that there are not any patterns on the www using this yarn? I looked. Found a couple of books on sale on EBay but they were some scary looking 80's stuff. Really I just wanted to get an idea of what it would look like finished.

It is kinda like a boucle, but a bit softer and I was thinking about making a shrug of some sort out of it. Something I can pull on over a tight T or a tank. It would look cute with a pair of jeans.

Since I have a lack of pattern, not that I really follow them anyways, I'm playing. At the moment I am thinking of having bell sleeves that tighten at just below the elbow. I might even throw a couple rows of rib in there to hold it.

**Let me state now that I did knit up a swatch to give me an idea of the gauge. 5mm needles; 5.5 = 1inch. **

So I've cast on 120 stitches and will work my way down to 60 stitches at the elbow and then I'll need to increase a bit up the top of the arm and across the back. I've never knit a shrug before so I'm not sure how many to go up to. I'll play it by ear and post my findings as I go.

I'm also thinking about throwing a lacy design or pattern across the back for fun and to make the work go a bit quicker. I'm going through a Barbera Walker to find one I like. To be fair I should mention that this is MUM's book that I have permanently borrowed off her. I lend it back to her every once in a while LOL


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Hannahknits said...

The first thing I said when the page popped up was "That's my book!"..lolol
So how big a swatch did you really knit?? Hmm??