Thursday, January 24, 2008

Proof that I do swatch....sometimes

My oldest has decided, for now, that she wants a vest. I guess if she changes her mind in the next couple weeks and wants sleeves it shouldn't be too had to make a set and sew them in. (I hope) LOL At least I'll have enough yarn.

See I really do swatch sometimes if I'm not sure of the tension, or if in this case I am making it up as I go along. I'm going to do some cabling on this one, but do to the weight of the yarn I don't have much to work with. There will be on central pattern going up her back. Teardrop pendant on Seed stitch (19st pattern) and on each side I'm going to do Sheepfold (16 st pattern)which will run up and over her shoulders and down each front.

I've cast on 61 sts for the back and worked 5 rows garter stitch. On the last row of garter I increased 1st on either side of center stitch. That is to give the main cable some breathing room and the sides don't pull in as much.
1st Row: Purl 5 sts, 1st row of sheepfold, p1, 1 row of cable pattern, p1, 1st row of sheepfold, p5.

I wish I had some pictures I could post for you, but clicking on the names will take you to Knitting Fool and the patterns are there. I just found this website and it looks really interesting, worth a closer look for certain.

I'll post pictures as I go, once I get a few pattern repeats in and you can see how it looks. The sheepfold is a bit tricky with twist stitch patterns that I am not familiar with but it should only take a couple times and I'll have it sorted out.

~Update~ rrrrriiiiiiipppp, yea that is me tearing out 6 rows of work. Not that I don't like it but as the pattern started unfolding I realized a HUGE tactical error.
The sheepfold looks like ribbon zigzaging up the sweater, and it was zigzagging in the same direction on both sides. It would look much better if it was a mirror image on either side. *sigh* I'm back to row #2.


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