Tuesday, January 22, 2008

..... and so it begins

I have decided on the 4mm needles with the lace weight. What is it with foundation rows? I *glanced* at the pattern (*warning warning) and proceeded to cast on 121 stitches, a little slippery but me thinks it will be ok. Got the first row knit and the second row purl. Whew, on my way. First row of pattern calls for YO, knit 2 tog, K4. piece of cake. HAH, My fingers are "savants" they remember the last lace pattern. That pattern was K2tog THEN YO. so of course everytime my mind wandered I was slapping in another yarn over after the knit 2 together. Ah damn I kept going back and reknitting, got to the end and what the #$&* I don't have the right number of stitches. .......so I unknit back to the beginning and do the row over......noticing that the cast on was a *little tighter* than I really like (warning, warning).....I am at the end and still I am out, this time it is a different number than the first time.. Weeping and Gnashing of teeth. Now I re count the stitches. Yup I got 121 stitches alright. So I spend another 10 minutes walking my fingers along the row repeating the mantra..knit 4 , yarn over, knit 2 together, knit4..blah, blah, blah. Still out. @#^%$*&^%$@$#*&+^%$
Now I go dig in the bag and find the pattern. Oh shit, I was supposed to cast on 112 stitches. I spend another few moments thinking if there is a way I can fudge this cause I really do not want to cast on again...Then I start looking at the cast on edge. Oh for frig sake. Just start over.
Cut the yarn and take the stitches off the needles. I have worked them so much they are fuzzy.
This time I cast on with 2 needles, much better. Re count the cast on row 4 times to make sure. Re check the pattern Yup 112 stitches. Whew, Manouver the first two rows. Have a serious talk with my fingers re those yarn overs and I finally made it to row 4. Should be a piece of cake for here on .....Oh and I decided to edge the whole thing in border too. Once there is enough to show I will post a picture.

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