Sunday, August 31, 2008

Soft Focus by Vladimir Teriokhin, Vogue 2007

I bought 2 hanks of Fleece Artist Mo and Curly Locks at the K-W Knitter's Fair last year. I have so many things on the go I finally had to call for help. Julia was up to the challenge.
She has been busy knitting up the back, 2 fronts and the sleeves. I get to put it all together and finish off the edging.
The finished fabric is lushious. I will be wearing this to work this winter. It is so cosy. When the sewing up is complete I will get someone to take my picture. I hope we have a cold snap in time for the Knitter's fair this year I would love to wear it that day for sure!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Grampas Gloves

My Grandfather has bad circulation. When he said his arms and hands were like ice, I offered a pair of fingerless gloves. He couldn’t wheel the walker over fast enough to tell me a story. His father (my great-grandfather) was a carpenter and lost the ends of his fingers in an accident. He had acquired a pair of fingerless gloves, “that he wore for a good 40 years.” Sealed with a kiss and a promise I have started these simple 1x1 rib gloves, they are 100% alpaca.

I also caught the Niagara Falls rainbow, just thought I should share.

~Daughter #2

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Slave to marketing...

I started thinking today about online yarn shopping. Logically, I don't see how it works. As a knitter and fiberholic I have to hold the yarn, smell it, rub it against my cheek. None of which I can do online.

To a certain extent, I can guess what something will feel like according to the blend. The Spinning Bunny Panda I purchased recently is a Merino/Bamboo blend. So I knew it would be soft and silky, but without the shine. It was specifically recommended for the Mystery Shawl, so I figured it would be a safe buy. I'm not disappointed. The way it was dyed made me a bit nervous, but the blobs of colour splash here and there and the swatch I knitted up looks fine.

Now back to the point I was getting to....*G*

How often have you purchased a wine because of the label, or a book cause the cover caught your eye? What about the name of a yarn?

Yes, I have been caught by a classic marketing angle and I am not afraid to admit it. LOL But I love the names of these yarns, and they are pretty.
Imagination Hand Painted Sock yarn, 50% Superwash Merino Wool 25% Superfine Alpaca, 25% Nylon. The colours are gorgeous but how are these for names....

* Pixie Dust
* Looking Glass
* Wicked Witch
* Evil Stepmother
* Damsel
* Seven Dwarves
* Frog Prince
* Woodsman
* Gingerbread House
* Lost Boys (I'm sure this is from Peter Pan but I automatically thought of the 80's vampire movie)

At least I am not the only one who couldn't resist, they're sold out. As soon as they are back in stock, I'm making myself some Wicked Witch mitts.

~Daughter #1

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crewel World

Crewel World
By Monica Ferris
Berkley Prime Crime, New York

The author Monica Ferris grew up in Wisconsin, and later went to the University of Wisconsin. She worked for six years as a journalist with the U.S. Navy, and is married to a museum curator.

I think there are eighteen storeys of Betsy Devonshire. Solving mysteries with the help from the towns people in Excelsior, Minnesota.

My mother only loaned me five of the books. They are wonderfully written, with attention to detail and interest in needlework. They make for a quick reading when you are not stitching.

Betsy inherits a needlecraft shop from her sister, who was murdered. She makes mistakes and false accusations. The small town dynamics of Excelsior helps her unravel crimes.

There is a crosstitch pattern included at the back of the novel. With the picture featured inside the story.

I cannot put this little book down until it is finished.


~Daughter #2

Monday, August 18, 2008

How many stitches fit on a circular needle?

Minimum number of stitches that will fit around a circular needle based on gauge and needle size:

Your gauge in st. per in. ........ Length of circular needle

.......................... 16" .. 24" .. 29" .. 36"

3 ........................ 48 .. 72 .. 90 .. 120

3.5 ........................ 56 .. 84 .. 105 .. 135

4 ........................ 64 .. 96 .. 120 .. 150

4.5 ........................ 72 .. 108 .. 135 .. 165

5 ........................ 80 .. 120 .. 150 .. 180

5.5 ........................ 88 .. 132 .. 165 .. 195

6 ....................... 96 .. 144 .. 180 .. 216

6.5 ....................... 104 .. 156 .. 195 .. 234

7 ....................... 112 .. 168 .. 210 .. 252

7.5 ....................... 120 .. 180 .. 225 .. 270

8 ....................... 128 .. 192 .. 240 .. 288

8.5 ....................... 136 .. 204 .. 255 .. 306

9 ....................... 144 .. 216 .. 270 .. 324

Anyone with a calculator could figure this out but when you just want to move the stitches onto a circular needle this chart will come in handy. *note* I didn't make this up it was given to me by a sales rep years ago.

Thank you Julia for unearthing this out of my Library.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trying something new...

I avoid fingering yarn like the plague. Why? Because you use these thin little needles and that drives me insane. Hours and hours of work and you only have an inch to show for it. *shudder* Mum loves using lace weight and cobweb yarn. Not for me.

Now, I did start knitting a pair of fingerless mitts for myself out of fingering yarn (is that ironic?)I got at the Creative Needle Festival Colinette Jitterbug. Using 3.25 isn't my favourite but they are working up quickly and I'm actually enjoying it.

I decided to take the ultimate fingering weight plunge. I have signed up to be part of Mystery Shawl #10

Shawl information:
Shape: Triangular
Yarn: Susan's Spinning Bunny Panda (1100yds, 8oz)
Needles: US6 (4mm)

It's using 4mm, so I can totally live with that.

What happens is that in September they send out the first clue and you start knitting. Every other week, you get a new clue. You have no idea what it will look like finished, which is kind of fun. At least it will keep me interested and in the end I should have a very nice looking piece. Since this is starting so close to Samhain and Hallowe'en, I'm hoping for skulls *BG* There're lots of pictures of the previous Mystery Shawls and they are all beautiful.

I'll shop for yarn at the KW show...unless I decide to go for the Panda in which case I'll shop for something else. LOL

There's a Ravelry group HERE as well if you are interested.

~Daughter #1

Beaded Purses!

Mum came to visit for an afternoon. While she was here she taught me how to knit with beads. I am hooked, allthough I need help with the liners.

I finished the blue and white purse (except the liner).
Living in a small town, I am limited for craft supplies. We have one store that sells anything to do with kneedle work. So I have Cool Crochet in blue with hot pink beads and pink shell pieces.

Then I saw the lime green. So the asian fabric should take it to the next level.

Am really enjoying this quick and stylish project. Next I have to send them to the north pole so santa can gift them.

My brother is 36 and camera shy. This is his daughter modeling they Dr. Who scarf I knit him for his birthday last Wed. Cool eh!

~Daughter #2

I Know I know.......

The KW Knitter's Fair is only a month away but who can resist a sale? Not me that's for sure. So I went to see Sandy yesterday and dropped by the LYS, Main St Yarns, I shopped and I can justify every purchase as follows:

Rowan Yorkshire Tweed: for my Druid Mitts KAL and my Ravelympics.

Cotton Joy :is for a top to wear in the Dominican Republic or some other hot spot in Jan 2009.

Kikki :cause I want to knit a Henley to wear with my new jeans which I bought and were to small but now fit. WooHoo

Trillium 4ply: I want something lacey to wear when we go to the hot spot when it's freezing cold here

Baby color :just can't resist this baby yarn, Someone will have a baby and I will be ready. it's all about being a Girl Guide *wink


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beaded Purse

I am sorry for not posting my latest knitting projects. I have done a scarf, three furry hats and started a beaded purse. I will take pictures for next time I am at the computer. The Vogue Jacket is knitting up well, except for little mo hairs floating in my tea. I will make an effort to post more offten.

~Daughter #2

Monday, August 4, 2008

Speaking of frogging...

It was an amphibious weekend for me as well.

I am making a simple cardi out of ribbon yarn. I love the colours. To me they look like shades of ripe wine grapes. I was just about to cast for the armholes when I realized I had screwed up. For some reason when I cast on the second half of the front, I was short 5 sts. The entire side is too narrow and had to be rrriiiiiiippppppddddddd. The worst part is this is ribbon yarn, the frogged yarn is all crumpled and needs to be ironed.

Iron a ball and a half? I may never finish this project.

~Daughter #1

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grrrrr... I hate frogging

I was so pleased with myself. I had three needle cast off the shoulders of Meg's gansey and was ready to pick up the arm stitches when I noticed something. She would have to be Microcephaly (go look it up) to get it on. I had to frog the front about 20 rows and will have to re calculate the decrease for the neck... sigh.

I dashed out yesterday and returned the apple green cotton I had bought for Ryleigh. It was too dark and remided me of this little German lady who used to come into my store looking for apple green wool for a "Yaket." I am much happier with this lime green and I think it is more age appropriate for the kiddo.

Then because I have nothing else to do I started to swatch the yarn for the Lily Chin lace dress #41. The flash washed out the colour, yikes this looks hot pink, it really is RED. Who's the hot Grami????? lolol


Friday, August 1, 2008

Lace Update.....

I am now on round 80 of 157. I just switched to a 29" circular needle. I only have 352 stitches in a round so it goes fairly quickley. {for now}
Knitted lace always looks messy but when I smooth out a section on my lap it really is very impressive. I am still on my first skein. I won't post another picture until I start the next skein. There should be something to show for it then.