Thursday, August 28, 2008

Slave to marketing...

I started thinking today about online yarn shopping. Logically, I don't see how it works. As a knitter and fiberholic I have to hold the yarn, smell it, rub it against my cheek. None of which I can do online.

To a certain extent, I can guess what something will feel like according to the blend. The Spinning Bunny Panda I purchased recently is a Merino/Bamboo blend. So I knew it would be soft and silky, but without the shine. It was specifically recommended for the Mystery Shawl, so I figured it would be a safe buy. I'm not disappointed. The way it was dyed made me a bit nervous, but the blobs of colour splash here and there and the swatch I knitted up looks fine.

Now back to the point I was getting to....*G*

How often have you purchased a wine because of the label, or a book cause the cover caught your eye? What about the name of a yarn?

Yes, I have been caught by a classic marketing angle and I am not afraid to admit it. LOL But I love the names of these yarns, and they are pretty.
Imagination Hand Painted Sock yarn, 50% Superwash Merino Wool 25% Superfine Alpaca, 25% Nylon. The colours are gorgeous but how are these for names....

* Pixie Dust
* Looking Glass
* Wicked Witch
* Evil Stepmother
* Damsel
* Seven Dwarves
* Frog Prince
* Woodsman
* Gingerbread House
* Lost Boys (I'm sure this is from Peter Pan but I automatically thought of the 80's vampire movie)

At least I am not the only one who couldn't resist, they're sold out. As soon as they are back in stock, I'm making myself some Wicked Witch mitts.

~Daughter #1

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Myfanwy said...

Love the yarn! I would love to knit a sweater out of this stuff. Remember the vintage Vogue pattern Julia used for the turtleneck? It was a 'wartime Forces' polo-neck sweater' from 1942. I would probably want 10 balls just to play safe. I really like the 7 dwarfs. the jewel tones have my name all over them. How about posting a picture of the swatch? I am anxious to see my yarn. Hope it comes next week.