Monday, August 4, 2008

Speaking of frogging...

It was an amphibious weekend for me as well.

I am making a simple cardi out of ribbon yarn. I love the colours. To me they look like shades of ripe wine grapes. I was just about to cast for the armholes when I realized I had screwed up. For some reason when I cast on the second half of the front, I was short 5 sts. The entire side is too narrow and had to be rrriiiiiiippppppddddddd. The worst part is this is ribbon yarn, the frogged yarn is all crumpled and needs to be ironed.

Iron a ball and a half? I may never finish this project.

~Daughter #1

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Myfanwy said...

Wrap the wrinkly yarn into a large hank, loosely tie it in about 3 places and soak in water. hang to dry. voila no crinkles