Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grrrrr... I hate frogging

I was so pleased with myself. I had three needle cast off the shoulders of Meg's gansey and was ready to pick up the arm stitches when I noticed something. She would have to be Microcephaly (go look it up) to get it on. I had to frog the front about 20 rows and will have to re calculate the decrease for the neck... sigh.

I dashed out yesterday and returned the apple green cotton I had bought for Ryleigh. It was too dark and remided me of this little German lady who used to come into my store looking for apple green wool for a "Yaket." I am much happier with this lime green and I think it is more age appropriate for the kiddo.

Then because I have nothing else to do I started to swatch the yarn for the Lily Chin lace dress #41. The flash washed out the colour, yikes this looks hot pink, it really is RED. Who's the hot Grami????? lolol


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