Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crewel World

Crewel World
By Monica Ferris
Berkley Prime Crime, New York

The author Monica Ferris grew up in Wisconsin, and later went to the University of Wisconsin. She worked for six years as a journalist with the U.S. Navy, and is married to a museum curator.

I think there are eighteen storeys of Betsy Devonshire. Solving mysteries with the help from the towns people in Excelsior, Minnesota.

My mother only loaned me five of the books. They are wonderfully written, with attention to detail and interest in needlework. They make for a quick reading when you are not stitching.

Betsy inherits a needlecraft shop from her sister, who was murdered. She makes mistakes and false accusations. The small town dynamics of Excelsior helps her unravel crimes.

There is a crosstitch pattern included at the back of the novel. With the picture featured inside the story.

I cannot put this little book down until it is finished.


~Daughter #2

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Myfanwy said...

I am so glad you are enjoying the books. I am going to Chapters after work tonight to pick up a couple more. I will be sure to share. ;) I had no idea she wrote so many more. Thanks for the heads up. Nice pic of you and Tay.
Love, MuM