Saturday, August 30, 2008

Grampas Gloves

My Grandfather has bad circulation. When he said his arms and hands were like ice, I offered a pair of fingerless gloves. He couldn’t wheel the walker over fast enough to tell me a story. His father (my great-grandfather) was a carpenter and lost the ends of his fingers in an accident. He had acquired a pair of fingerless gloves, “that he wore for a good 40 years.” Sealed with a kiss and a promise I have started these simple 1x1 rib gloves, they are 100% alpaca.

I also caught the Niagara Falls rainbow, just thought I should share.

~Daughter #2


FeyRhi said...

'La those are gorgeous. Grampa will love them! If you have enough yarn you should make him a matching pair of socks to go with. *G*

~Daughter #1

Granny's Girls said...

Julia, you are a thoughtful child! Your Grandpa will be so glad to have them this winter