Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My obituary..

...because I dyed today LOL I crack myself up*G*

Today, was my first foray into the world of dyeing yarn and I now understand what the big deal is. It was a lot of fun. Mum got me a kit as a prezzie. I was going to wait until she came to visit before I made it up so she could help. Patience might be a virtue but not one of mine. I couldn't resist. Really how bad could I mess up. Turns out it was much easier then I thought.

Soaked it first and then did the blue colouring in stripes on both sides. The colour said magenta but this is very blue to me.

Next, was the olive colour. Not a personal favourite shade of mine so I just did a little bit. I figured it would add a stitch here and there for depth.

Last colour was Daisy. I did thicker lines and also went over the blue a bit to make more green. I purposefully left a bit of white here and there for contrast. Figured it would be like a fourth colour.

Here is the finished product after nukeing it in the microwave and burning my fingers unwrapping it. Hanging to dry. Not as much of the white is left as I originally planned but I'm ok with it. For a first attempt I think I did ok.

As for what my future plans are for this....

Over at Alive and Knitting (author) Deborah Cooke is doing a casual, bring your own yarn and pattern, KAL starting January 1st. After much looking, I found a pattern I liked called Elfine Socks. "Leaf-lace socks, grown from the toe-up, the season’s ‘must have’ hosiery for style-conscious dryads." How could I resist that? *G*

So, I'm going to attempt to make some toe-up socks on itty bitty needles. *gasp* 2.5mm!! We'll see if I last or go insane. I have to get a couple circulars because there is no way I'll survive using DPN's.

~Daughter #1

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Susan said...

Not bad for a first attempt. I can't wait to see how Julia's turns out. Don't be a whussy you'll be fine on the little needles.
I have to finish up some UFO's before I cast on another thing.
All these 100%'s are putting me too shame.