Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jaffa cakes..drug of choice

All knitting should be accompanied by some sort of stimulant. Jaffa cakes are bite size and soooo yummy. For the uneducated I include a picture:

O.K. I am on the kool aid dyed wool kick again. Not dyeing but knitting up the "fruits of my endeavours" so to speak. ( I read WAY too much Jane Austen)

This is dragon fyre:

( por moi)

Tropical punch (red)

strawberry kiwi (pink)

mango ( gold)

tangerine ( orange) on

undyed wool ( neutral beige colour)

and this is the Christmas Elf: to my favourite chanteuse: Raichelle

lemon lime

tropical punch (red)

neon green food colouring

and mango on white wool

O.K.back to the needles


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FeyRhi said...

mmmmmmmmm jaffa cakes aaarrruuugh *drool* aaarrruuuggghhh