Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In the intrum

Tis the season for craziness…

I work retail which means that at this time of year it feels as though the world goes insane. What better line of defense is knitting? I can relax, zen myself, and if the customers are really nasty and grumpy, I can poke them with a spare needle.
(Okay, I don’t ever poke the customers. But if I have a big grin on my face while dealing with someone infected with scroogeness, you know I am visualizing it.)

I ordered some very tiny crochet hooks and am waiting for Canada post to get them too me. That way I can get back to work on my Hallowe’en mystery shawl. Using the needle and thread method of putting them on is driving me nuts and counter productive to my need for relaxation. So in the meanwhile I have been working on a couple small projects that are easy to lug back and forth from work.

This is the set I made for Rly’s to wear during the Christmas parade. Originally it was going to be a cast cover but the cast came off a couple days before so she got to wear both mitts. The pattern is really interesting and the mitt ends up almost woven. For example on one row you slip all the green stitches and work the black ones across and back. Then you work the green stitches and slip all the black ones across and back. Sounds confusing but really it’s not. The pattern can be found HERE. It turned out perfect because the windchill was -15 that day and she said her hands never got cold.

This is Teag's second shrug. The first one she said was way too scratchy. I wasn't surprised. Originally, I was playing around with a design and was using some cheapy acrylic crap and she insisted that she wanted it. This time I picked up some Bernat Cot'n Corn. Great product. Very soft easy to work with. She wore this for an entire day and then asked if she could sleep in it. LOL It's soft enough. The pattern is one that comes on the label or you can get it from the website HERE.

~ Daughter #1


Granny's Girls said...

The accesories are lovely. Lucky girls!

~Daughter #2

Anonymous said...

Never mind the shrug, look at that hair!

Daughter #3