Thursday, December 4, 2008

debbie bliss Knitting Magazine.

Now that I refuse to buy the Vogue knitting magazine any more....some of the reasons......
1. The patterns are full of mistakes.
2. Corrections are waaay to slow in coming ...when and if ever they do.
3. Vogue customer service sucks.

......I have been looking for a replacement.
Now I know Vogue is publishing this and if there are any booboos I will email Debbie directly.
I like most of her patterns but I am mystified why a designer who is a "normal size" woman would claim that a 40 bust is X Large?? I see the hand of Vogue in this.

Some of the patterns are pretty outlandish.. my observations:

Pattern 14..retro 1950 my man wouldn't be caught dead in this.

Pattern 20... says "Hello, see my big behind?"

Pattern 21...shudder, the model looks as if she is being consumed by a pile of green slime...ugh

Pattern 22..sweet scarf, just what I want to wear with a see thru-blouse.

and for those of you with nothing to do..

Pattern25 ...sweaters for eggs! I kid you not.

Anyway I did find a sweet little bolero for my grand daughters in here. Page 34 design #10. I think I will start that on Christmas day for the February birthday girl.


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FeyRhi said...

I picked up a copy but really it just looks like a Vogue magazine with a new name. I'll stick to my interweave knits.