Thursday, December 11, 2008

Evolution of an idea

So I had yesterday off and had grand plan on what I was going to accomplish. There was laundry, bathrooms, kitchen floor, litter box ... you know fun stuff. I sat down and thought to increase my anticipation of all these joyous objectives by looking over a pattern I had just gotten. The Tattoo Kimono Shrug.
Hhmmmm I'll just quickly have a coffee and look for a design to go on the back.

Hhmmmm I still have lots of time to clean.... Found the design and then poured myself another coffee

I like this. It's a Triquetra. A symbol that represents the 3 aspects of the feminine life cycle, the maiden (the young virgin), the mother (pregnancy and motherhood) and the crone (old age and immense wisdom). Yes, it is the same symbol that was used in that tv series Charmed. They used it because they were afraid that using a pentagram would get them banned or boycotted or get some other mono-deity religion's panties in a knot. (no pun intended)
Hhmmmm It can't be too hard to graph this out....maybe I shouldn't get my heart set on it. What if it can't be done?

I didn't get a damn thing done yesterday.

Started out by drawing a graph over a copy of the figure, and then transferring the dots onto a plain graph so I could see a cleaner image of the graph. No matter how many times I redid parts it just wasn't turning out even on both sides. Remember Celtic knots are cleverly disguised mathematical equations. Ok so this calls for Excel...

On to the computer where I spent a couple hours making sure that it all matched and that every part of the figure was balanced. Then I started getting a little too anal and creating multiples of 3 in everything but that had to stop or I would still be at it. When I was done I had this colourful blob. Blob not good.

Lines! I needed lines and then that started the deleting of squares but making sure that all deletions were even and equal/symmetrical on each side. I almost stopped there because it looked cool as it was but I had my heart set on interweaving the symbols. Sure why not make it a bit easier on my self. LOL

Interweaving wasn't that difficult. In fact it was a easiest part of the entire process. Then I changed the colours to black to get a better feel for how it flowed. I'm still on the fence, whether I should do the symbol solid or interwoven.

Stayed up late working on a swatch just to see how it looked. Not too bad. I can see a couple places that I will tweek the graph but all in all I'm happy with it. This was knit out of some leftover Artio, which is what I want to make the sweater out of. I love this yarn so much. 50% Merino, 30%cashmere, and 20% silk. It knits like a dream. I couldn't bring myself to throw out the little bits I had left so I stared crocheting a border around my swatch LOL. I'm sure it will end up being adopted as a blanket for some one's webkinz around here.

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Susan said...

Yes, I see the spots too...upper right...lower right.. the flow is missing but you are almost there..good job!
The graphs look very good though...
Luv ya
Yur Ma