Monday, October 26, 2009

Global Art Project 2010

It is coming up to that time again and I have already started my offering for this go round. I know Carl will say I am nuts due to the "screw up" last time. The thought is what counts and I shall go ahead in spite of one disappointment. For those of you not familiar with the Global Art Project for Peace I direct you to their web site via this link. Unfortunately my "partner" last time did not follow up with her commitment. Katherine kindly called me several times from Arizona and one of the "Angels" sent me a lovely piece of art work . This time I am going to sign up as an Angel as well. Which will mean another project to think up.

I have been inspired to adapt a crochet lace shawl called "Children of the Earth" into a knitting pattern for a scarf. I will have to be sure and ask for a "partner" in the northern climes. Work is progressing nicely and I am very happy with the colour choices. This is my first double knitting project and yes I did purchase wool for it at the Little Red Mitten
Cool huh? Reversible knitting.

The same day I got a copy of the pattern for the ASJ. This is going to be a "stash buster" project and will commence once "THE" vest is finished. I have a plethora of Koigu.
Speaking off "THE" vest.....I am steeking...huge I theorize I can always trim them back. Speaking of the back.... Back to unwinding from a stressful day at the office.....knitting nirvana

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