Saturday, October 17, 2009

Woodstock Fleece Festival

Saturday was the best example of our fall days. The sky was blue with wispy clouds, the sun shone brightly and although the temp was 7C it didn't feel like it. I drove to Woodstock on the 401, aka Ontario's longest parking lot. Sure enough I had just passed an exit when 3 lanes of traffic came to a grinding stop. The highway dudes had decided to take advantage of the day and resurface 2 lanes ahead of me. I turned the radio to the golden oldies station and opened the window as the car was warming up from the glorious sunshine. Nothing was going to spoil my day. I got off at the next exit and made my way via country roads. Woodstock should only be only 40 minutes from London. It took a little longer, so what, I wasn't in a hurry.

Look at this cutie. I spotted him the minute I got out of the car. His fluffiness was beautiful in the sunshine.

The alpacas were humming to everyone

The eyelashes are like feathers. The teeth on these beasts are huge
A police car with lights flashing and sirens blaring went down the street which alarmed this one.

Sleeping in the sunshine...Angora bunnies
This little Angora Goat was bleating and stamping his feet at know, where mohair comes from.

This is one quarter of the vendors. Love the blue sweater!!

The haul.....a calendar for work for next year, a Spin Off magazine, and a pretty project bag with....

Two skeins of about 840m of hand spun wool and mohair in the most gorgeous "fire maple" rusty red. Perfect fall colour. I think I showed a great deal of restraint and don't feel the least bit guilty. The Spin Off magazine has an article 1 shawl, 11 ways. It is called "falling leaves." Ergo the wool purchase.

This show was a success, in my opinion. I spoke to several vendors (Little Red Mitten was there) and they were very happy with sales. The turn out looked very good everyone seemed to be shopping. Besides the vendors there were classes offered some free some preregistered. There were displays by several guilds. Ontario Hand spinners and Weavers, Rug Hooking and Oxford Weavers. Lots of fleece was available from alpaca to camel. I wandered around for almost 3 hours. I only wish I had taken a lawn chair I would have sat by my car and knit for a while the day was so beautiful.

They also had food! Fresh fruit cocktail, fresh sandwiches, hot beef stew or jambalaya and home made pies. It was a great day. I drove back to London via the country roads and saw that the sunshine had dried out the corn sufficiently that all the farmers were out harvesting the last of it. This was the "first" festival. I will be looking for it again next year!


Knitting-twitter said...

hi Susan,
you are so lucky to have all these events. Enjoy them for me too please... all the best from Switzerland Christa

FeyRhi said...

I wish I could have gone with you. Next year I'll have to make certain I have that day off. I'll bring a lawn chair too.