Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lots a wool.

The shopping brakes have been officially applied. I have yummies up the ying yang and too many projects ahead of me. Seriously, I simply cannot buy any more wool this year. Really......
September went by in a blur and I never did share my Knitter's Fair purchase with you. That was the same weekend my mother's health took a down turn and knitting almost stopped. Things are looking up now and concentration has returned.
This is Soybean yarn, can you believe it??? I hope it blocks out. I have been assured it will. This is for the Shipwrecked Shawl. I bought 3 vials of beads at the show. Upon inquiry I was informed the vials have about 300 beads. According to the pattern I was going to need about 5000 beads for the waves portion. When I got home I called Bead FX and found out there are more like 800 in a vial. Whew, that was a relief. I ordered 3 more vials. That should do it! actually, that will do it 'cause I am not shopping any more this year remember?

The wool arrived from Knit Picks for the East Meets West Satchel. I took it to show Mom and she thought it was gorgeous. We are not sure about the white and hot pink. They just don't seem to fit into the palette. I can always use the two colours for a pair of mittens. Mom wants to know if there will be enough wool to knit two. She would really like one. So there goes "my" bag and now I know what her Christmas gift will be.

I succumbed to this book, "on sale," when I ordered the above kit. I taught myself to double/reverse knit and posted about it once before. Unfortunately, I only had one pattern, for a baby blanket. After the latest spate of knitting it will be time to make something for ME. Two gorgeous patterns have my name all over them. I still haven't finished my socks, for crying out loud. It is interesting that the author's last name is found in our family tree.
You may remember "the Skull Sweater?" Now it is Sophia's turn and she has chosen the "Domiknitrix Sweetheart" sweater in the colours below. Zara is gorgeous buttery soft merino wool. This is going to be a treat to knit a petite sweater after knitting for these large men.
Little Red Mitten is in St Thomas ( 19.6 KM from my front drive) and I just found it! They opened in February 2009. Tons and tons of wonderful yarn/wool from all over the world. Susan ( a kindred soul) brought this bag of Zara in for me in ONE day. Now I call that service. We wandered all around the shop/house sniffing wool. Sigh, it was a wonderful visit. They have a knitting get together on Friday evenings. Carl works many Friday evenings and I end up sitting at home watching movies now I know where I am going to be! Knitting NOT shopping..... yeah right. Oh yes, I did buy another ball of sock yarn while I was there. Too nice for socks I think a scarf is in the offing. Poems in the "Oyster" colour way. Susan and I decided "Truffles and Porcini Mushrooms" would be a better name I like the way that woman's mind works!
I ran out to the picnic table this morning to take this picture by natural light and it looks a little mauve..Hmmm???? It is really taupe/brown and creamy... just lovely.
Knitting proceeds on the vest for Michael. Picture after the next motif is finished. Then I think it may be time to divide for the armholes and "V" neck. The question of the day will be "to steek" or "not to steek." ......Oye vay

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