Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finally finished

Whew, it seemed to take forever to finish these socks. That is because I kept putting them aside to work on something else. OK next up is to finish the vest for Michael. I frogged about 5 rows or more, I would rather not remember, of the next pattern repeat. The colour combination wasn't working for me and I had a brain fart and began decreasing too drastically which would have meant the vest would have had spaghetti straps. All that aside I am back on track.

The next sock knitting will be to get back to Molly's socks. They are a lovely shade of purple and Koigu too.

Speaking of Koigu....I had bought a lot of it once before with the idea of using it in a vest for Michael. (see.... I had good intentions) This was a couple of years ago, anyway, I think I am going to use it in an ASJ for myself for spring. It is miles of garter stitch but great for TV watching. I started to swatch with a 3.25mm but it is too sloppy. I want firm with out it being a plank. I will try a 3mm next.

Still working on the scarf. I really can't knit this in the evening. it is hard to determine the dark brown parts from the dark blue parts.
Leave it to me to pick the hard stuff.

Geesh! I am pleased with the results so far. It isn't the Bayou Tapestry for crying out loud so I am cutting my self some slack. "beating back the perfectionist gene"

I bought my self the DVD about "Gustav Klimt." There is something about his work that appeals to me. It is the colour, composition and texture. I will probably end up not liking the artist, as often happens, but I do like the work. I am saving it for the next evening Carl has to work. I will let you know what I think of it then.

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