Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh my goodness....

I got off work an hour early today. I have the best boss..EVER. I digress. Sooooooo.... I went to Little Red Mitten. I haven't been in about two weeks so I was due. Anyway, I promised Carl another pair of socks. This weekend I will cast on the WMDSCE (world's most boring sock colour ever). Grey
I bought the only copy if this in the shop.: I am waiting, to crack a page, until I am guaranteed uninterrupted perusal of this latest book of inspiration.
I bought 11 balls of Galway Irish Wool for this:The pattern is a free Ravelry download. Isn't that a lovely gift from the designer? This will be for me.... In this colourway...Heather teal # may now drool...

I have a new favourite designer:
Mary Scott Huff

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Abbeysmum said...

Oh Yeeees........pass me a tissue, my chin is dripping.

What a beautiful and unusual design, what a comfort to wear on a cold day....bliss!