Friday, November 20, 2009

In the home stretch...

One disadvantage to knitting in the round with steeks is this. I design on the fly. That means that although I make up a pattern it is subject to change at any time. Knitting the whole vest with steeks means that if something doesn't measure up, a colour combination or a design, I have a helluva lot of stitched to ripppp out. However it is nice not having to purl stranded. In the end a hard call.

I had a chance to measure it up to my son's back last weekend and I think we are going to fine with the fit. I really do not want him to see this until it is finished. It is starting to look like a tapestry. He is very conservative and I am a little concerned it will be too bright for him. The rib around the V-neck and the armholes will tone it down. (I hope)

The WMBSE are moving along as you can see. I started the rib whilst standing in the "flu shot" line the other night at the local school. One young lad was quite fascinated and kept watching me out the corner of his eye. Once upon a time I wouldn't have though of a thing of it and would have chatted him up but our insular society has everyone so afraid to speak to strangers. I let the moment go by. I didn't want some mother after me.

The "tubey" thing came in my last order from Knit Pics. It was very cheap and actually there were 2 in the pack. It is made of heavy paper so I don't have to worry about "cutting" the wool. It is great for keeping the extra needle and a crochet hook ( just in case I drop a stitch) all together with the yarn.

Finally I have the first figure finished on the Peace Scarf. I have about 5 rows of just straight knitting before I start the next design. I really wish I had picked yarn that had a more pronounced colour definition. I can only knit on this by a bright light.

Me thinks my mother is not going to get the tapestry bag for Christmas. I really wanted to enjoy that knit and hate to be "under the gun" or as is said, "Knitting with a hot needle." I think I will go with the Jared Flood Mittens that were on the cover of Vogue last year. I was going to knit them before but was distracted. Who me? I will have to read the pattern over carefully as I have NO confidence in Vogue patterns anymore. The moratorium is still in effect I am not buying their magazine anymore. Knitty and Twist Collective and Ravelry could very well put them out of business .... in my opinion.

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