Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Project!

One day I will finish my Pashmina sweater. All that is left to be done is sew it up but I just haven't been in the mood.

So I started something new. My oldest hasn't gotten a new sweater in a while. She is a bit tricky because she is very tall for her age (11) and most clothes that fit her are just NOT age appropriate. I wanted to make her something a bit less 'kiddish' but not so grownup that I cringe.

Teaghan has about as much patience looking at patterns, as my husband. No matter what I show her, she agrees so I’ll leave her alone. So I’ve picked out this pattern and this is what she is getting. I might make the body a bit longer since she seems to like her tops to come down over her hips. It should knit up quickly. We’ll see. I’m doing the body in the round so that helps to move things along. It’s been a while since I worked on needles this thin. The inches don’t come as quick but the finished fabric looks great.

~Daughter #1


Myfanwy said...

cute pattern. what are you kitting it out of?? I mailed off Taylor and Meg's wall hangings. done, finished. Now, back to the knitting.

FeyRhi said...

Well until she is a bit older I am turning off my Yarn snobbiness. She has (unintentionally) destroyed a couple sweaters and I am less likely to freak if I have invested in more inexpensive yarn.

I picked up some Bernat Cool Crochet at Zellers. It is cotton/nylon blend. Very silky, very light, with a bit of a shine. You know her, anything the least bit scratchy will drive her insane.

Best part is they were 50% off, so the yarn cost less then $10. *BG* I might go pick up some more tomorrow.