Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Five Gansey Project

Being the brute for punishment that I am I had this brilliant idea. Wouldn't it be nice if I knit sweaters for the 4 granddaughters and Moi and we had out pictures taken wearing our matching sweaters?.... "Grami and the Goils".... I wanted bright colours and so I have chosen Royal Blue, Red, Royal Purple, Deep Apple Green and Dark Turquoise. We will be brilliant! I have started the royal blue and purchased the yarn for the green one. As soon as I start the green one I will buy the yarn for the purple one and so on. The pattern is a basic gansey and then I went to Knitting Fool dot com to get the basic gansey template. I love those people. Knit your swatch, enter your details and voila...there is the whole pattern. There are no seams as the sleeve stitches are picked up at the arm hole and knit in the round to the wrist. I have just inserted the gansey design.

Each sweater will be a little different but the basic motifs will be the same I will just adjust the design motifs to accommodate the number of stitches. As I am knitting 5 of these I am deliberately making them a little on the large size in the hope they all fit when I am done. I am leaving mine to the last in the hopes that I am smaller and won't need the largest of all.......I am sooo deluded!I am knitting the ganseys out of Super 10 cotton, made in Greece, gorgeous stuff sold as another name in the States....(Stacey Charles I think) It is really nice to knit with and is not stiff and heavy as some pure cotton can be.
I am home sick from work and don't even seem to have the strength to knit. I thought perhaps if I blogged a little it might get me going......cough cough cooouuuggghhhh..oops

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