Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another one bites the dust

There is something to be said for the satisfaction of knowing that you finished a project. It is also one of the things I like most about Ravelry. You can keep track of your projects. It makes it easy to see how many you have on the go. And for me it's easier to resist starting a new one when I already have so many on the page *G*

This is my Sea Silk Shawl. so yummy and pretty. The colours look like a medieval tapestry to me. This is the skein that my mum got for me for the holidays (thanks mum!) She bought it in Sept when we were at the yarn show and then said I was going to have wait to get it (so cruel).
I love the way it feels, so...silky LOL. It only took one skein to make on 4mm. I had to block it out when I was finished. It's perfect for this time of year when it is warm during the day but still the air gets a bit of a chill when the sun goes down. I absolulty love it.

~Daughter #1


Myfanwy said...

Very Nice. I got my skein rolled into a ball and that is as far as I got.
I have hit a wall on my short row sock heel. Probably because I really don't like the technique.sigh
I want to start something new!!!

Granny's Girls said...

Very nice, should be lovely to wear, the feeling of silk is cool to the skin. Good job
~your sister