Thursday, June 5, 2008

Global Art Project update

...or maybe that should be "down"date. I am disappointed. I waited a month and still no response from my "partner" in California. I sent an e mail off to Katherine asking her to look into it. Perhaps I have the wrong address, email or otherwise. Anyway I am very disappointed that I have not had a response from 2 e mails or from my mailing. I am beginning to wonder if someone stole my project "en route." You would think that Paula in California would have at least responded to my emails.... Unless I have the wrong address. In any case I have not received anything from her. Why do people get involved if they don't intent to participate. The whole idea of this, as I understand it, is that we reach out to one another, in peace and friendship, during one week every two years. I am so quick to make excuses for people instead of just saying I am really annoyed and I think this inaction shows a lack of taste.

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